How it Works

The origins of the EcoMESH technology

EcoMESH is based around proven principles that have been known for millennia.

The significant cooling achieved by water has been used throughout history to great effect. In the 2nd century a Chinese inventor called “Ding Huan” of the “Han Dynasty” invented the rotating fan for Air conditioning.

The Ancient Romans were known to have circulated Aqueduct water through the walls in some houses to cool them. For years in the Middle East wet hessian was placed across windows in order to help cool the breezes and for centuries water fountains have been used to make courtyards cooler.

Medieval Persia had buildings with cisterns and used wind towers to cool the buildings during the hotter seasons. The cisterns were large open pools in the centre of courtyards and were used to collect rain water. The wind towers had windows to catch the wind and force it down over the cistern to cool the air.

A practical way to demonstrate the EcoMESH cooling process is to put water onto your face and turn into the wind, your face immediately becomes cooler.