Reduce energy consumption by up to 44%

with our unique adiabatic cooling system

EcoMESH is a unique mesh and water spray or adiabatic cooling system that optimises the performance of Air Cooled Chillers, Dry Coolers and Refrigeration plants while reducing energy consumption.

EcoMESH has been fitted to problematic units worldwide where our patented water spray technology eliminates problems and optimises performance. Once fitted, the EcoMESH system is virtually maintenance-free.
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Key benefits of using EcoMESH: 

Reduced energy consumption - up to 44%
Reduced operating costs
Safeguarding water resources
Easy to retrofit to any air conditioning or refrigeration unit
Virtually maintenance free
No chemicals or health risks

Additional benefits of EcoMESH:

Extended chiller life

EcoMESH extends compressor reliability and longevity with reduced refrigeration cycle head pressure and discharge temperatures.

Maintenance free

EcoMESH is virtually maintenance free, with no need for replacement nozzles or meshes. The system also significantly reduces the maintenance frequency of the cooling unit.

Fast return of initial outlay

Typical payback period from EcoMESH installation is just 21 weeks, no more than one cooling season. Peak savings can be as much as 30-40% with an average annual saving of 15-25%.

Easy retrofit

EcoMESH can be retro fitted to any model, make and size of air conditioning and refrigeration unit. It will not affect the manufacturers' warranty.

Minimised water use

Water consumption is minimised as the spray is intermittent and only activated when required, EcoMESH uses up to 79% less water than similar wet systems and carries no health risks such as Legionella.

Better protection from the elements

EcoMESH provides protection against inclement weather conditions, including snow and sand storms and provides additional shading properties.

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Featured Case Studies

Jeddah EcoMESH Case Study

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia EcoMESH Case Study

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia EcoMESH Case Study

The estimated Return on Investment (ROI) period was 0.51 years or approximately 6 months, demonstrating a rapid and efficient return on the initial investment.
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Switzerland EcoMESH Case Study

Carrier Report - Switzerland Supermarkets

Carrier Report - Switzerland Supermarkets

Consistently maintained a cool environment, even when local temperatures climbed to 30°C.
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Saudi Arabia EcoMESH Case Study

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Report

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Report

Delivering effective cooling, making it a practical and promising solution in high temperatures.
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London EcoMESH Case Study

Data Centre Report - London, United Kingdom

Data Centre Report - London, United Kingdom

Impressive results with cool incoming air even before water was introduced.
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The engineers who are installing the new EcoMESH have nothing but good things to say.

The installation has run a lot smoother than all were anticipating due to the simplistic nature of the equipment.

The materials used are easy to work with but also of sound quality!

- Senior Engineer
Mitie Technical Facilities Management Limited

Higher output
for most systems
Cost savings
in 21 weeks / 1 cooling season
132,000 m²
EcoMESH used worldwide (as of Q3 2023) - equivalent to around 82 miles when laid back to back
litres of water saved each year - enough for an average of 1,416 homes to be supplied with water for a month
200,000kg of CO₂
saved from our environment, equivalent to the CO2 emissions from 26 homes energy use for a whole year

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